During our specialization course at the Game Assembly, I Created a system that lets you hear sound traveling through and around objects.


My original idea for this project was to create an autogenerating 3Dgrid of bools, each bool showing if a sound can go through its area. I quickly realized that the data that i need in every cube to pathfind in it would either give me bad precision or slow pathfinding and enormous amounts of data. Realizing this, I made a node graph and replaced the grid with it. This will give me faster pathfinding at the expense of easy creation of the map.

In its current state, it is very inefficient to create node graphs for a level. Tools is not my primary area which is why I wanted to put most of my time on the audio programming.


The result was a working prototype of a sound system that could work in a game. I would however need to do some more work before implementing it into a game. First of all I would need to improve the performance and do the calculations on a separate thread. I would also need to improve the pipeline as it takes way to long to create a node graph and give all the sounds their correct RTPCs.