My animation editor is a tool that makes it easier for animations to interact with the games world. Currently it achieves this with events, objects and particles on bones, and hitboxes that follow animations.

Most of the features in the editor was created after discussions with Melker Samuel Berg and Viktor Pramberg who worked the most rigging and animations in our group

Animation Events

The event editor lets you add keyframes to the animation. each keyframe can hold events that will be called when that keyframe is played. Currently there is some premade events like play sound, start particle and play detectable audio. You can also add a custom event. By giving it a name, You can later check if that event is called from our node scripts (Created by Carl Hiselius).

This part of the editor was created for our top down adventure game Transfigured. We used it for interactions such as pressing buttons and for environment props like machines. The GIF shows a particle event and a Custom event on the first keyframe of the shooting animation in Gunther the Gun-Hunter.

Make object follow animated bone

We wanted the ability to make hands hold objects and make objects follow animations. To make this work I added a Object editor as a sub editor to my animation editor. This editor allows you to attach blueprints (Created by Carl Hiselius) and Particles(Created by Christian Forsberg ) to a bone on the selected animation.

The object editor can be used in combination with the event editor to call a script on the blueprint. In the Following GIF It calls two events. The first event activates the crystal and the second event disables it.

Hitbox Editor

The hitbox editor is used on our enemies to create hitboxes that follow the objects. To add a hitbox on a animation controller, you simply select the two nodes that the collider should be between and scale and scale it to its proper size. I also added a IsWeakpoint checkbox to know if the limb should be removed (Scaled down to 0) if its a killing blow and if it is a critical hit.

This editor was created for our first person shooter because we wanted to be able to blow up the heads of our enemies. We also wanted more precise hitboxes then simply using a OBB or a sphere.